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2017 Judges’ Report
Ghazanfar Bank: Best Sharia-Compliant Commercial Bank Afghanistan 2017
The financial services arm of one of Afghanistan’s leading business conglomerates, Ghazanfar Bank was set up in 2009 to help underwrite the country’s corporate sector. As such, the bank has established deep roots in a number of key industries.
Ghazanfar Bank offers both conventional and Sharia-compliant financial services via its own network of branches which now covers most provinces of the country. The bank is particularly keen to help fledging Afghan businesses to succeed and offers entrepreneurs a number of programmes aimed at skills development and financial literacy.
The bank has also put in place a highly experienced management team with multidisciplinary professionals providing the oversight and risk management necessary to ensure sustained growth and profitability. Ghazanfar Bank boasts a full suite of commercial banking services, including foreign exchange, investment handling, cross-border trade, and corporate and retail banking.
In order to ensure compliance with Islamic Law, Ghazanfar Bank maintains a Sharia Committee comprised of well-known scholars and academics who offer their expert advice on internal and external processes. Ghazanfar Bank is widely recognised as a pioneer in Sharia-compliant banking and in corporate social responsibility. The bank initiated a number of out-reach programmes in support of charitable institutions.
The CFI.co judging panel is pleased to note that Ghazanfar Bank awards career opportunities to young Afghan professionals. Fully 98% of the bank’s growing workforce is recruited locally. The judges wish to offer Ghazanfar Bank the 2017 Best Sharia-Compliant Commercial Bank Afghanistan Award.


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