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Job Location: Kabul Afghanistan Organization: Ghazanfar Bank
Nationality: Any Years of Experience: 5 Years
Employment Type: full_time Contract Duration: 2 Years
Salary: Based on Organization Range of Salary Gender: male/female
Vacancy Number: GB002 Education Master degree in Computer Science
No. Of Jobs: 1 Close date: 2018-07-15

IT Advisor Requirements:

IT Advisor ensures that their team or department operates efficiently, effectively and in line with organizational goals. These professionals work closely with senior executives and department heads to identify, develop and support new technology solutions. IT Advisor are also responsible for creating and ensuring adherence to organizational IT policy, procedures and best practices.

Education Requirement:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or preferably Master degree in Computer Science.

  • Microsoft MCSA 2012/2016 Certification

  • CISCO CCNA Certification

  • CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (IT Security Management)

  • PMP: Project Management Professional (Project Management)

  • CompTIA Project + Certification (Project Management)

  • ITIL Expert Certification (IT Process Management)

     IT Advisor Skills & Responsibilities

    Typical day-to-day activities and in-demand skill sets for technology managers include the following.

  • Fluent in English

  • Experience of working in Banking areas and working with Oracle FlexCube Universal Banking and Oracle Database or any other Core Banking System.

  • Over 10 years of experience in IT environment and minimum 5 years in IT Management.

  • Are responsible for strategic IT planning, including fostering innovation & allocating monetary resources.

  • Direct operational IT planning, including planning IT projects and the allocation of manpower resources.

  • Oversee the financial aspects of their IT team or dept., including purchasing, budgeting & budget review.

  • Coordinate IT staffing, including hiring, supervision, scheduling, professional development and discipline.

  • Collaborate with and maintain communications with executives and department heads in the organization.

  • Design, implement and enforce the policies, procedures and best practices for their IT team or department.

  • Research IT solutions and make recommendations for the improvement of IT systems and IT infrastructure.

  • Negotiate and approve technology vendor, outsourcing, and consultant contracts and service agreements.

  • Should have superior skills in team leadership, employee development and interpersonal communication.

  • Should have a strong command of project management principles, procedures and best practices.

Key Responsibilities

Report to: CEO

Job Description of IT Advisor

To advise , plan, organize, and guide the IT team on all activities of the IT Department of the Bank and to provide IT support to all the Departments of the Bank as per their requirements and within the given time frame.

To write, vet and update Manuals, Policies, Procedures and Check Lists for IT Department at regular intervals.

To advise on all the Software and Hardware related matters of the Bank and shall ensure that Core Banking IT System and other related IT Systems of the Bank continue to function at a desirable level. Shall be responsible for administering the Bank's local, wireless (if in use), Internet, and Intranet networks, telephone and Voice Over IP (VoIP) systems, and all related software programs.

To advise the Management on CBS Programming, Filing System, Network Administration, System Security, Bank’s Website updates, Daily Support to the Departments & Trouble Shooting and System Specifications.

To advise on the Bank's technology resource systems and confirm that these are operating in a secure and stable manner and deploys information technology architecture strategies to accommodate current and future organizational needs.

To be in contact on regular basis with the Hardware Vendors, System Vendors and Software Suppliers for updating, trouble shooting and maintenance of the IT System of the Bank.

To be responsible for advising about renewals of Hard Ware Agreements, Software Maintenance Agreements, Licensing Contracts and other related contracts necessary for the IT System of the Bank.

To advise on Data Repository, Delivery Channels, Contingency Back Ups, UPS, MIS and other technical & IT related matters of the Bank.

To advise on all the IT Networking, Connections among Branches and Connections between HO and its Branches .

To advise on enhancement and up gradation of the Bank IT capabilities and technical edge on continued and ongoing basis.

To advise on User Administration and setting up of User’s IDs and setting up of authorized Limits for each User as per approval of the COO/CEO. Ensures that a list of User’s ID is maintained together with their respective authority levels for audit trail.

To advise on every IT problem is properly logged & recorded for future reference along with the ways and means a particular problem is solved.

To be a member of ITC.

Bank’s IT Committee (ITC):

General Responsibilities:

He advises on the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan for the Bank with the consent and approval of the Bank’s Management so as to enable the Bank to continue its business even in a worst case scenario. 

Compliance with Audit Requirements;

To advise on the ways the business of the Department is conducted as per the recommendations given by the Internal Audit or the External Audit and irregularities pointed out by them in the Department’s work are rectified

Presentations on Technical matters:
To recommend, express technical opinions and arrange presentations on any technical matter like installation of POS or ATMs etc for the Board of Management/Supervisors to take a decision on such matters.

Market Updates about Competitors:

To advise on the situation of the Market is updated from time to time and the activities of the competitors are watched and analyzed on regular intervals for keeping abreast with the trends and activities of the market.


To attend to any other matter that may not have been mentioned in this document but is otherwise required to be attended by the job holder. Besides, the Job Holder is to attend to any Bank related assignment given by CEO, Board of Supervisors or General Meeting of Share Holders



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